Basic folds of origami

The different folds used to achieve an origami are not infinite. These folds have been listed and have often been classified in three level of difficulty. As the symbols, the basic folds of the origami must be known well to facilitate the reading of a diagram (description of an implementation of origami). In this page we present you these different folds of bases in ascending order of difficulty.

Simple folds

The fold valley is a fold in hollow :
Fold valley or Fold valley in 3D

The fold mountain is a fold in crest, it is the contrary of the fold valley :
Fold mountain or Fold mountain in 3D

The zig-zag fold is a fanfold form :
Fold zig-zag or Fold zig-zag

The repeated fold is a fold that one redoes precisely :
Fold repeated

Folds of intermediate level

The fold reversed interior is a fold inside a crest :
Fold reversed interior or Fold reversed interior

The fold reversed external is a fold contrary to a crest :
Fold reversed external or Fold reversed external

The double fold reversed interior is a double fold inside crests :
Double fold reversed interior or Double fold reversed interior

The double fold reversed external is outside a double fold of crests :
Double fold reversed external or Double fold reversed external

The fold ear of rabbit consists in pinching a top according to its bisector to make a pike of it.
Fold ear of rabbit

The flattened fold consists in opening the paper then to flatten it :
Fold flattened ouPli flattened 3D

The fold petal makes itself from a flattened fold. It is necessary to mark the flanks then to raise a pike, to fold it back and finally to flatten the flanks :
Fold petal

The complex folds

The fold doubles ear of rabbit consists to make a double ear of rabbit inside a crest :
Fold doubles ear of rabbit

The fold pivot and as called rotating fold :
Fold pivot

The fold pressed opened begins the basis of the water bomb. One marks by a fold on the length (1). One opens the paper while pressing the top (2) to get a sort of small table (3) then one redoes the basis of the bomb to water while keeping the pike below :
Fold pressed opened

The fold pressed closed begins as the pressed fold opened but while only opening a flank (the other rest pasted to the two interior folds). One folds back the pike thus of quoted it of the open flank. Of this manner pointed it blocks the two interior folds :
Fold pressed closed

The fold envelops consists to envelop a part of the origami. The first line presents a fold envelops by before and the second line a fold envelops by behind :
Fold envelops