Basis of origami

The origami often has bases of common foldings. A certain number of diagrams begins a basis directly. It is necessary therefore to know them.

The preliminary basis . As its name indicates it, the preliminary basis acts as basis to other bases of origami. It combines two folds mountains performed along the diagonals of the square to two folds valley performed along the medians of the square.

Preliminary basis

The basis of the water bomb . It is the inverse of the preliminary basis :
Basis of the bomb to water

The basis of the kite :
Basis of the kite

The basis of fish :
Basis of fish in 3D Base fish in 3D

The basis of the bird :
Basis of the bird

The basis of the frog begins from the preliminary basis :
Basis of the frog

The basis of the case :
Basis of the case

The basis of the diamond :
Basis of the diamond

The basis of the windmill :
Basis of the windmill